There is no existential threat, ChatGPT is an evolutionary dead end

I think this is the real danger of AI - that we want to believe. Chatbots are so plausible they draw us in, even when we should know better. They give confident, and completely wrong answers, in a way that we are all too happy to accept. They seem to have generated a veneer of respectability and credibility which is wholly unearned.


One year and 21 fascinating data conversations

21 guests and one year later, Make Me Data Literate is breaking new ground. Don't be afraid of data. It can be an extraordinarily powerful tool in any field, and you don't need wildly technical skills in order to make sense of a spreadsheet. Imagine if we all had the power to ask for evidence, and to critically interrogate that evidence. That's the world I'm working towards, and I'm so grateful to all of my Make Me Data Literate guests who are helping me along the way!

Jas Chambers on Oceans, Environment, and Inclusivity

"I remember my first day at university, I was one of those overly friendly people who introduced myself to everyone in a lecture theatre of a thousand and never saw those people again. I remember sitting there in that first term, one of the lecturers did say 'just be aware. we are another species, we're an animal, but the data would suggest that we're not going to be as successful as the dinosaurs.'"