Raising Heretics on a Diet of Open Data

There's a lot of talk about boosting the pipeline. About getting more women and non binary folks into tech in general, and Data Science in particular. But as long as we focus on recruitment and, at a pinch, university education, as the means to address the problem, we will continue to fail, because we know that kids are being put off STEM, technology, and data skills as early as lower primary school.


ChatGPT is not a threat to authentic assessment

Artificial Intelligence is not the problem. It’s our education system that needs to become intelligent, and fit for purpose at last. ChatGPT could be the kick that we've been waiting for - an impetus that could propel us into a more engaging, useful, and valid form of education.


Measurable or Meaningful: Pick One

Assessment is all down to this simple number. Objectivity guaranteed. But if there is a correlation between socioeconomic status… if girls are driven out of particular subjects by the perception that they are not suited to them… if rural kids don’t have access to the same range of subjects… if some schools don’t have great teachers or support structures… then what we have is the pretence of objectivity and fairness, rather than actual objectivity and fairness.