Professor Alan Duffy talks Data Literacy and Astronomy

Alan Duffy talks Data Literacy and Astronomy. "We are so keen to get into problem solving mode and we don't spend enough considered time checking and cleaning the data, because that's not as much fun as training a machine learning algorithm and seeing what it comes out with. "

Adrian Esterman on Data & Public Health

Make Me Data Literate kicks off with an interview with Professor Adrian Esterman, Epidemiologist and Biostatistician. One of the big problems with experts, whether economic experts or any other sort of science expert, is that they have a lot of trouble bringing their conversation down to the level of the general public. It's not their fault, it's what they're taught.


Raising Heretics: Episode 10, Where to from here?

The final episode of Raising Heretics: The Podcast! Education has really failed to evolve. Sure, we’ve tweaked around the edges, but fundamentally my kids are still experiencing classrooms the way I did, the way my parents did, the way their parents did, and on down the ages. We need to make change. So how do we make this happen? Support Teachers, Lobby Governments, Buy and share Raising Heretics: Teaching Kids to Change the World, and donate to ADSEI at


Raising Heretics: Episode 8, Projects With Impact

In the beginning, there were toys. The fundamental message, which underpins all of the issues with the toy approach to teaching technology, was that the students could not see the point of what they were supposed to be learning. And kids can be quite pragmatic – when they can’t see any point to what they are doing, they don’t do it. So what happened when I switched to teaching programming and critical thinking skills using data science with real datasets? Find out in Episode 8 of Raising Heretics: The Podcast.