Polly Hemming on the ways Climate Data is misused

This is an infuriating interview with Polly Hemming, Senior Researcher at The Australia Institute. Polly is amazing, but the interview is infuriating because of the outright deceit practiced in the field of Climate Data and Carbon Credits. I kept wanting to stop the interview to scream and throw things. An enlightening, fascinating, and enraging conversation!

Data Science Explainer

The power of definitions

It doesn’t matter what technology you teach, when you’re teaching Data Science. I don’t care whether you use Python, R, spreadsheets, or stacking blocks to make graphs and analyse your data. What matters, above all else, is that you teach your students to ask critical questions about the data. How was it collected? What are the definitions you used? How do we know the definitions are valid? What other definitions could we use, and how would that change the data?

Nic Price on Data, Neuroscience, and the brain

An amazing conversation with Neuroscientist Associate Professor Nic Price from Monash University, who has a lot to say about the way we teach science, how we can understand the brain, and how we need to get comfortable with uncertainty. Check it out!