One year and 21 fascinating data conversations

21 guests and one year later, Make Me Data Literate is breaking new ground. Don't be afraid of data. It can be an extraordinarily powerful tool in any field, and you don't need wildly technical skills in order to make sense of a spreadsheet. Imagine if we all had the power to ask for evidence, and to critically interrogate that evidence. That's the world I'm working towards, and I'm so grateful to all of my Make Me Data Literate guests who are helping me along the way!

Greg Jericho on communicating with data

"I've gone from just not reading the media release, to not even caring what their numbers are and actually finding my own numbers. Which is always a fun thing, because you find things that you haven't looked at in the past and think 'oh, this is something new and cool.'"


We need to demand better from tech

We suffer from a combination of shiny toy fever and an entirely hallucinatory dream that the tech industry is operating for our benefit, rather than to extract ever increasing rivers of money (and power) from us regardless of ethics, environment, or compassion. In the face of countless examples of sociopathic behaviour, our attitude towards tech remains bizarrely positive.