Why Data Science?

ADSEI’s mission is to empower teachers and students to understand, use, and communicate data in every context – as part of science, maths, and technology, but also geography, history, politics, and even English. Data runs our lives, and it is a powerful means of understanding our world.

What’s the gender balance like in the novels studied at year 12, or in reporting of science? How does Google figure out what news to show you? How does Facebook work out who you might want to connect with? What’s the traffic like on the way to the airport? These are all data stories.

How do we find the answers? How do we communicate them effectively? How do we evaluate the data stories other people tell us to be sure that it’s both accurate and valid?

We need to embed these skills in the way we teach our kids. ADSEI empowers teachers to do that by supplying resources, training, and real datasets, and by connecting them with other teachers, academics, and data science professionals to give kids authentic opportunities to engage with data science.