ADSEI is a Registered Charity.

Our Board of Directors is a strong, diverse, and talented group who are passionate about Data Science in schools. In addition to our Executive Director, Dr Linda McIver, we have:

Professor Katrina Falkner. Deputy Dean (Students) for the faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, and Founder and Director of the Computer Science Education Research Group, Katrina is also Lead Project Coordinator of the CSER Digital Technologies Education Program, which is a groundbreaking online and face to face Professional Learning programme for Teachers of Digital Technologies in Australian Schools.

Professor Ramesh Rajan. Professor of Physiology at Monash University, award winning educator, and National Coordinator of the Australian Brain Bee Competition, Ramesh has a passion for authentic learning experiences using real datasets. He is a long time collaborator with the Data and Computational Science programme at John Monash Science School, and a strong advocate for Data Science Education.

Dr Karen Lamb. Senior biostatistician in the Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health Research hub (MISCH) at the University of Melbourne. In this role, she provides statistical support in the design, implementation, analysis and interpretation of quantitative health research studies for university staff and affiliated partners. Karen has a drive for improving statistical methodologies and building the data science capacity of future generations of researchers.

Dr Penelope Hale. Director of STEM Education at Wellington Secondary College, Penny also co-taught and helped develop the Data Science curriculum at JMSS. Penny is a passionate and highly talented Physics and Chemistry teacher by training, and is working to develop integrated STEM activities across the curriculum.

Dr Maia Sauren. Maia is a business analyst and project manager working at ThoughtWorks Australia, a software consultancy, in Melbourne, Australia. In a previous life she was a biomedical engineering researcher, exploring variations in human anatomy and their effects on compliance of radiofrequency exposure standards for mobile phone use. Maia is often found travelling for work or presenting at conferences. Most recently she presented at LinuxConf Austalia 2019 and Pycon Australia 2018 about working effectively with international and distributed software teams. Her work includes several data tools for healthcare, including a feature-complete clinical management application developed for the Ebola crisis in West Africa in 2015. Maia’s interests include diversity in technical fields, open information, textile crafts, and how emerging software interacts with science and biotechnology. Maia is an Executive Committee member of Women In STEMM Australia. She was heavily involved in forming the Open Knowledge community in Melbourne and Australia, including starting HealthHack Australia, a national hackathon dedicated to clinical and medical research problems. Maia has also previously been an executive committee member of Australian Science Communicators.

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