Raising Heretics: Episode 8, Projects With Impact

In the beginning, there were toys. The fundamental message, which underpins all of the issues with the toy approach to teaching technology, was that the students could not see the point of what they were supposed to be learning. And kids can be quite pragmatic – when they can’t see any point to what they are doing, they don’t do it. So what happened when I switched to teaching programming and critical thinking skills using data science with real datasets? Find out in Episode 8 of Raising Heretics: The Podcast.


Raising Heretics: Episode 7, Accepting Uncertainty

Getting comfortable with uncertainty is not a panacea for all of our educational woes, but it is an excellent start in allowing students the room to explore different solutions, and in training them to critically evaluate their own work. After all, if your answer is confirmed by the textbook solution, there’s not much room for further evaluation. If we can use real problems without right answers as the basis of at least part of our education, then we will surely prepare our students for the real world.


Raising Heretics: Episode 5, Science is Solved

In Episode 5, Science is Solved, we look at the problems with both academia and science education in schools, and explore how they contribute to problems with the public perception of science. How can we teach science as a way of understanding the world, rather than as a matter of facts and known processes?