What is Education For?

Everything we do sends a signal about who we are, and what we value. Nowhere is that more evident, or more neglected, than in education. My son has his final year 12 exams today. Every step of the process has made me angrier and angrier about the ways in which we try to ensure "objectivity", and wind up causing immense distress, and entrenching disadvantage in the system.


If you see something, say something

It's easy to give in to despair - I admit, I've done at times that with The Voice. I've been so appalled, and at times actually frightened, by the lies and the vitriol that I've given up, bowed my head, and accepted defeat. But truth is not breakable. It does not decay. It can't be destroyed. It's up to us, as citizens of the world, to keep teaching. To tackle the lies, to take down the misinformation.


What if…

Imagine if there was a disease that became endemic. A virus that was unavoidable, that everyone gets, over and over. And imagine if that virus, if it didn't prove fatal, stole just a little every time. A bit of energy here. A bit of immune function there. A bit of cognitive function somewhere else. Imagine what the impact of that might be on society, on workplaces, on people. Then look around you. What do you see? Do you see a new level of struggle? Of systems, and people, cracking under the strain?