Linden Ashcroft on Communicating Climate Data

Make Me Data Literate
Make Me Data Literate
Linden Ashcroft on Communicating Climate Data

Dr Linden Ashcroft

“The pandemic has shown us that we can act quickly and dramatically for other people, with a positive outcome. We saw a problem, we thought ‘oh no, we have to do something about this problem, let’s change the way we behave’… that’s what we need for climate change.”

“What excites me about data is the insight that they can give us. The ability to ask your own questions.”

“Stories are how we engage people, but for me data are the way we can answer questions, that we can then frame into stories to explain things to people.”

“There is no true objectivity. You’ve chosen a particular topic to research for certain reasons. You chose a certain dataset for certain reasons. You chose a particular way to look at it for certain reasons.”

“How to teach science students that they need to be critical not only about the choices they make, the research they do and the data they use, but also about their own biases as well.”

“Setting up this dichotomy of us versus them… that’s not overly helpful either. You need to have discussions with people, and you need to be respectful of people.”

“I instantly dismiss you and everything you have to say and everything you believe in…that’s not a helpful way to bring other people around. A conversation is what you need to have, not a dismissal.”

“I want to know where the data are from, always. Where did you get that data from? How far back does that go? Where did they get their information from? “

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