Upcoming Workshops

Learn to build integrated STEM projects into subjects right across the curriculum. Build your STEM and Data skills. Workshops come with one month of online support for project development.

Teacher Professional Development for Primary & Secondary teachers of all disciplines

June 15th online, 3pm AEST.

Engaging with STEM across the curriculum using Data


School Consultation Packages

The Australian Data Science Education Institute offers in person consultation with Dr Linda McIver, to develop authentic, integrated STEM and Data Science projects to suit your curriculum, and the school community.

From projects that solve problems in the local community, to data exploration and communication projects on global issues, Dr McIver can help your school develop engaging projects that capture your students’ enthusiasm and imagination, giving them a sense of purpose and fulfilment, while developing vital STEM skills.

We have created projects on building indigenous language awareness, solving schoolyard litter problems, local traffic, family, school, and community carbon emissions, access to local sporting facilities, income inequality, whale, turtle, and dugong conservation, and much, much more.

Email contact@adsei.org for more information!