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Resources Hack Day

Thanks to the good folks at Eliiza we are running a Data Science Education Resources Hack Day at Eliiza, Level 2, 452 Flinders St, in the Melbourne CBD on Wednesday March 27th from 5pm til 8.

Eliiza are even catering the event for us, so if you want to help kick off Data Science Education in schools, come and join us!

We are looking for teachers, Data Scientists, Software developers, Communicators – anyone with an interest in seeing Data Science Education take off in schools around Australia.

Tickets are essential, get them via Eventbrite now.

SIGN UP to the hack day mailing list if you want to stay on top of things.

We are aiming to support Data Science Education from prep to year 12.

The goals are to:

You can even join the slack channel (ping for the link) and participate remotely (you’ll have to provide your own pizza that way though, sorry!). We intend to stream the event.

Keep an eye on this page. As the event gets closer we will share some existing resources, places to find interesting datasets, and things to think about before the day.


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