Ketan Joshi – Data, climate, and communication

Make Me Data Literate
Make Me Data Literate
Ketan Joshi - Data, climate, and communication

A fascinating conversation with Ketan Joshi, Climate Activist and Communicator.

It’s this really tense balance between the side that treats data as if it’s almost reality itself, it’s so accurate and precise, and empirical, that it’s almost like you’re holding the real world in your hand… on the other hand you have the overly sceptical side which is basically someone who has been burnt in the past, like they looked at the background and history of some data and found it was full of caveats. I wish everybody knew about the constantly evolving and shifting tension between those two extremes.

You often find yourself having to either defend or attack a piece of data because it’s been assumed to snap to one of those two extremes.

Can we all just accept that data is just as imperfect a way of describing reality as doing a drawing of someone?

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