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Datasets and Lesson Plans

We will post datasets here that have been modified for classroom use, and lesson plans using those datasets.

The Learn@Pawsey site is an exciting collaboration between Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre and ADSEI to build school STEM projects around real data on interesting topics. Our first project is a sleep study, with access to the raw data, plus lesson plans, complete with rubrics and worksheets, for year 9 and 10 Science, Maths, and Digital Technologies. Coming soon: Space data!

New Page on Covid19 Mobility Data! Dataset plus project ideas.

Pocket Data Science for Locked down Families (can also be used in class!). Explore Pocket Inequality – whose clothing has better pockets?

Cross Curricular Projects Foundation-10

Connected STEM packages – cross curricular STEM & Data Science projects from Foundation to Year 10, designed for the Victorian Education Department.

Marine Science from year 5 onwards

Saltwater Crocodiles, Humpback Whales, Turtles, and Dugong projects for the Digital Technologies Hub

Seagrass Data and Resources for Science Under Sail and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Here is a fun maths/data lesson on the stretchiness of lolly snakes, contributed by Dianne Frost from Melbourne High.

CSIRO has published their Educational Datasets materials, that our Founder Dr Linda McIver and others have created. There are lesson plans here working with CSIRO datasets such as:

Logan’s Dam Water Quality

Great Barrier Reef Carbon Dioxide Measurements

Air Quality in Sydney (Particulates Measurements)

Global Sea Level Measurements

Income Inequality in Australia

West Australian Wheat Belt Bird Survey

There are also useful Data Science Teaching resources available as a Companion to the Lesson plans.

The original Happiness Report data is online, and downloadable (on that page, under “Chapter 2: Online Data“).  ADSEI has divided the data by year and by country, to make it easier to use:

Happiness Report by year – the by year files give a separate csv for each year, with data for all of the countries surveyed that year.  Here is a snapshot:

As you can see, not all values were surveyed in all countries every year.

Happiness Report by Country – the by country files give a separate csv file for each country, with data for each year each country was surveyed. Here is a snapshot:

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